Metamorphosis I II




3D Animation

How did we come to think of ourselves as human? Or, what exactly does it mean to be human? What are the implications of defining what human means for the nonhuman others?

Metamorphosis is a triptych of digital works released as Non Fungible Tokens. At the same time, it is a cumulative work of Critical Posthuman ideas that have formed the basis of my multispecies assemblages research since 2019.

Human Nature, part of this album and also released before the whole album was released exercised a tremendous impact on me with its immaculate sonority that merges oriental and western electronic elements with a very post-apocalyptic all around ambience. Listening to this piece spawned immediately a series of images that lead to a short animated clip.

Two billion years ago, an archaeon gobbled up a bacterium. Instead of providing a meal, this ingestion sparked a mutually beneficial relationship, a phenomenon known as endosymbiosis. Eventually, according to this hypothesis, the bacterium evolved into mitochondria, the ‘powerhouse’ organelles of the cell that helped to fuel eukaryotes’ rise, that is, ourselves.


The music was written by the amazing Contemporary Music composer Michail Paraskakis who managed in 20 seconds to create a piece of immense rhythmic and tonal complexity and depth.

Special thanks Jelena Jovanović for her animation supervision, her talent, our great conversations and for sharing her in depth knowledge of how things move.



Written by Sevdaliza

Composed by Sevdaliza, Mucky, L. den Engelsen, M. Puscoiu, J. Dieleman, R. Artson, LudoWic

Produced by Sevdaliza and Mucky. Mixed by Mucky and Sevdaliza at Soundkings Rotterdam, the Netherlands Mastered by Mucky Consultant Mix & Master: Nik Roos