Saridakis Stelios



Graphic Design

Visual Communication

In a mammal, its outer shell might fulfill the important function of insulating against cold to conserve body heat. It might equally insulate against heat and keep a creature from overheating. Differing colors and patterns might provide camouflage or generate recognition and attraction between members of a particular species.

Much like plants, people, or other living things, the skin of a building is that surface which interacts with the world at large. The skin has a responsibility to protect the contents, much like our skin protects us.


More than a skin, the shell of a building is the essence of protection it caries. It reveals what is inside and provides an interface to the outside world. It is this interface that interests us, those materiality moments that the visitor comes in contact with a living organism


The stone of Tabakaria, the metal that will be used in the second SKINS hotel, these qualities will give each skin a distinct character and a unique branding concept

This branding is an apotheosis of new-materialism

Shigeru Ban’s ‘cardboard cathedral’ was conceived following a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011 that destroyed the city’s iconic 19th century cathedral.

Paying homage to that which was and building beacons of life on destruction

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