Direction: Bryan Huynh

Concept: Bryan Huynh

VFX, Animation: ThePlasticStudio, Feather Studio

Modelling: OLF Studio 


Art Direction: Bryan Huynh

INDIGO Productions

ThePlasticStudio was approached by Grimes to create a visual experience for the OP3N Blockchain conference in Barcelona. “When I first walked into Web3, it was the kind of project I expected to see,” Grimes told the audience via screen. “I’m so excited to partner with OP3N to launch an educational art series for babies and toddlers, with the goal of creating a deep experience for babies that is also deeply meaningful for adults,” continued the artist, mother of two children. The little children.

All scenes were created in SideFX Houdini and rendered with Redshift 3d. 

The story of a spaceship with five orbs born in the space unfolds, as it reaches a dry uninhabited planet and creates life there.

The complete film will soon be released. Here are some snapshots of the parts completed at ThePlasticStudio.